About me

After I got my degree in maths from University of Timisoara, Romania, in 1993, I started teaching English. Having studied EFL at IH Timisoara for two years, I became a certified teacher in 1994 and I taught here till 1996. From then on at IH Budapest, where after doing the DTEFLA I became a teacher trainer on CELTA, 1-1, YL, LCCI and all sorts of training courses. Now, I'm a teacher, teacher trainer, author, passionate about teaching, training and discovering new things and ideas. To me teaching and training IS a learning process in itself. Thank you all, who make this possible!

I also blog more randomly about teaching English, teacher training and education in general at www.erikaosvath.com, and this is more of a way for me to reflect upon things I do or don't do, for that matter. 

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