Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why this blog?

There are lots of reasons why, so here are the answers in short:

because there seems to be a technology overload that many of us find overwhelming

because I have personally found it challenging and time-consuming to find the right technology for my teaching aims

because there are a lot of user-friendly edtech tools that have immense potential and might have a great impact on the way we teach and the way students learn

because I believe that more concrete examples, such as dowloadable lesson plans with materials, are needed for teachers to ease into using technology in their everyday teaching

because I think, most humbly that I'm not alone with all the problems listed above
so I'd like to share the lessons I've learnt with you to help out.

But really, this is just another dream I'd like to come true.

So full downloadable lesson plans with materials, tutorials on tech tools used are coming soon.

photo by eltpics @grahamstanley

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